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The Best Tips to Frame an Oil Painting

Oil paintings framing can be really expensive if there are framed by professionals which can really add up to your cost of your purchase.  Professional framers have great experience in choosing the right frames that match the exact architectural piece and the framing process can be a time consuming task and not everyone would be willing to spend money on this task. However framing the oil painting is an important task but there is no requirement that you need to pour loads of money on this tedious task.  You can frame your art painting by yourself with a frame for a cost effective result that will give you satisfactorily results as well. This article will help you in crafting an amazing frame for your painting.Choosing the apt frame •    Visit a store nearby and look in for a frame and browse for your backless frames.•    Search a frame that fits the dimensions of your painting. Be sure that you search the frame whose inner dimensions match with the dimensions of your frame.•    Select a frame that doesn’t distract the art but matches the feel. While choosing the frame you also need to keep in mind that you do not spoilt the interior décor of your paintings. Simple, flat, black or brown frames can suit any style of painting nicely. Metallic frames with ornate carvings can be held for traditional paintings such as portraits, landscapes and still lifes.•    Check your frame along with your painting and check if they both blend well together.Framing process•    Place the frame inverted on a clean place.•    Put in the painting through the opening from the back portion of the frame  •    Enclose one offset clip on each side of the frame it can be placed either at the top and bottom sides  and then you need to screw the clip using size two screws.•    Fasten a strap hanger in each side of the frame, 1/3 of the way down; using the two sizes eight screws. Do not constrict the screws all the way; allow the screws to rotate freely.•    Slide one end of the hanging wire into one of the strap hangers and wrap the end around it for five to six times.•    Insert the wire into the strap hanger, leaving a little bit of space. Then wrap the end following the same procedure as the first one.•    Hang your painting on to a screw with the hanging wire.Thus the framing of your painting is done with considerable ease and without causing a considerable pinch on your pocket.

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