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My longwinding road to fullfill my wish

My longwinding road to fullfill my wish

Feedback from Jody Ditzel

I have always wanted to learn to paint and draw, as a child i was able to draw, even won a prize when I was 12. I drew my teacher in school, and this drawing was used in an exhibition of drawings made by students in my hometown in the Netherlands.


When I hit puberty life hit me too, I left home when I was 14 and stopped my creative learning process. Always longing to do that but had to struggle mentally and physically to remain healthy and alive. I managed quite well, got better at living and even managed to build a career.


Then I got sick, hashimotos (a thyroid disease) and had to recover from that. I don’t work now, I am 52, and since I feel much better health wise and have a lot of time on my hands, my wish to develop artistically re emerges again. I have started to draw since September, by drawing Bargue plates and hope to move on to painting too.

My favourite artist is Anna Alma Tadema, I admire her work, it is so detailed, realistic, and has such a good atmosphere.

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