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A Bold New Path

A Bold New Path

Feedback from Don Meeks

I am a retired police officer in San Diego Ca. who was seriously injured in the line of duty. After the injury I developed a serious desire to draw and paint. I am not at this time great at either. I looked at your program several months ago and am convinced it is the best one for me because of you, the instructors and the type of learning you promote.

I paint with both acrylics and oils but I truly like oils more due to their color and consistency. I have tried to make myself better at drawing but it has not been as successful as I would like. My painting has improved over the past year but I am still not satisfied with the results.


My goal and promise is to continue working to learn and improve both my drawing and painting. I truly believe your program is the answer to my problem.

I think the “contemporary old master” is Monet because he came in the 1800's but was revolutionary and unique in his methods.

My favourite artist is Gerhard Richter. The reason is that he uses layer upon layers of paint to give the painting it's unique look.


My main challenge in art is drawing with authenticity and understanding color theory.

I also want to know how to see color and design as the masters. To be able to draw from memory and not rely strictly on reference materials. I want to be taught how to see a painting as an artist.

I wanted to find information on how to draw and paint like the masters. I found a site that does exactly that and that has the instructors with the knowledge and desire to help.

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