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Starting Where I Left Off

Starting Where I Left Off

Feedback from Nell


I have been drawing since I was six years old. I was always able to look at an image and become inspired to come up with something of my own.
While growing up though I had eventually stopped because I didn’t have the support and encouragement to do it; I was actually laughed at by my family instead of encouraged, but as I am an adult and mother now I am at the point in my life where I want to do what makes me happy.

I would like to learn more about art and paint more. I’ve been painting now for a while and it’s very therapeutic for me. I find I can get lost in it and feel free. I also plan on trying to take an art class at night if time allows me on campus so I can continue in my creative endeavors.

I think the “contemporary old masters” are Picasso, Monet, Richter – they were so modern and cutting edge.

My favourite artist is Gerhard Richter, I love the way he paints specifically with his blurred effects.

My main challenge in art is making the paintings look more realistic.
I also want to know how to blend everything together without losing the vision you have for your painting.

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