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About Oil Paintings and Acrylics

Painting as a profession is considered to be one of the most adorable professions. One of the most common questions which many people or the painters face is that what type of paint they should use.  The different options which are available are oil paintings, acrylics, water colors and pastels. Well this article will deal in handling one of the most unique problems as to what kind of paint should you use. And I am going to deal with this problem by making you aware with the benefits and disadvantages of each of the method of paints and this in turn will help you decide with which method you will have to go for.
Acrylics: Some of the few benefits which you can get with the acrylics are that they dry very quickly and the acrylic paints can be either mixed with water or any other medium. The brushes which are used for acrylics are that these brushes can be easily cleaned with water. And once the paint is dried again the other layers can be applied over it without disturbing the layers which lies beneath it. It is water resistant and it provides a good option as to it can be used very thickly like oils and it can even be used for thin washes like the water color.
While on the other hand there are some factors which would stop you from using the acrylics like for the fact acrylics dry very quickly, however the working time can be increased by mixing a retarding medium to the paint or you can also spray water on the paintings. Acrylics are completely waterproof so in case once they are dried there is no scope that you can remove the paint. It is also a difficult scenario to remove from the brush once it is dried.
Oil paintings: Another very impressive method or the mode of paintings is that of the oil painting, wherein they do not dry very quickly and thus paves much time to work and more scope for blending. Once the oil paintings are dried they can be painted again and this would not disturb the underlying layers. Another important and very attractive feature is that there is wide variety of color options available with oil paintings and such a range of colors is not offered by any of the modes of painting.  You also have very rich and deep colors which maintain their intensity even after they are dried.
Some of the demerits which the oil paintings have are that they take very long time to dry.  As they dry very hardly you will have to wait for several months before the painting can be varnished. When working with oil paintings you can work on many paintings simultaneously because of the excessive time they take to dry.  As far as brush which is used in oil painting is considered it can be cleaned only with spirit.

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