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Art gives me a sense of meaning in my life

Art gives me a sense of meaning in my life

Feedback from Kenneth Leon Roberts

I am an American illustrator who lives in Provo, Utah, U.S.A. As an illustrator, I illustrate children’s books and merchandise with fun illustrations geared for an audience that is young at heart.

I am a retired international travel agent who is desperately trying to improve his skills in the world of art.

I love to do art work that has social value and meaning. I have a story behind every piece of art I complete. I have a wide variety of subjects and I love to learn new techniques.
Art has a place in my heart as well as my life because it is a means of expression that gives me a sense of meaning in my life. If I can uplift and move a person with a picture, then I feel I have expressed something important and in some small way touched their life.


I believe a feeling is worth more than words and with a picture I can produce it.
In art I am very challenged as a painter. When I try to paint a picture, I struggle with the very acts and techniques necessary to make the picture believable. I struggle with realism and professionalism. My paintings tend to be very amateurish. I really need to learn everything about painting from the basics on up to professional techniques.


I would like to learn how to be a great painter. It is important that I learn my own style and place, but that cannot be achieved if I don’t learn what the professionals know.
By winning the Web Art Academy course I would be able to have a chance to learn from a professional artist. I would also be able to learn time proven techniques and principals in painting that the Masters used. It would be a quality education.

I hope people will vote for me because of my deep commitment to art. As an illustrator, I am working daily to use my limited knowledge to make the world a better place. With a professional teacher, I would be able to progress with my skills to a place that could make a difference in the world – one painting at a time.

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