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Tips To Help Kids Draw

If you feel teaching how to draw for kids is beyond you because you believe that you are unable to draw yourself (I believe that being artistic can be developed just like muscles) do not worry and read on.While artistic drawing is an amazing skill, even more amazing is the different styles and artistic interpretations that can be found among many of today’s young kid artists.Within each stage in a kids life, art is viewed through many different lenses, each a different perspective colored by experience, perception and growth of ones artistic skills.Encourage your kids to look at and copy other peoples work. When your kids carefully look at someone else’s work it will help to improve their work very dramatically. When doing a copy kids are forced to see things that they do not normally see and this is a very good way to learn how to do it themselves. They just need to remember not to claim it as their own.Have your kids keep a book close by and work sketches and drawings in it as often as possible. This is something that works very well for keeping track of ideas and for future inspiration.Make sure that when your kids bring a new drawing or painting to you that you respond with positive encouragement, never criticize your kids work.If you do not want to shoot your budding artist down make sure you never use comments like these: What’s it supposed to be?It’s not as good as (the next guys) drawing is it?Why are you wasting your time with this? (the next guy) is the real artist in the family/class.Oh well, never mind. You will do better next time. If you are using any comments like these or any kind of critical or discouraging remarks, change them into positive, reassuring and encouraging comments.Keep plenty of art supplies handy for your kids to use. Any art projects that your kids create will help them develop creatively and to develop their fine motor skills which are necessary for drawing. Encourage your kids to draw every chance you get. Never force them to draw and paint and they will progress through the stages of creative development quite well. Let your kids develop their drawing naturally.An interesting thing with regards to kids drawings is that all children appear to progress through the same identifiable creative stages which demonstrates just how innate the desire to express ourselves creatively lies within all of us.Every kids believes that she or he is an artist, just try asking a class full of kids who is the artist and watch every hand go up. Children will reach a point called Crisis Period of development where they are trying to create realism without the required skills they must learn to do so and they begin to lose interest in drawing or painting. At this point it is now necessary to begin formal art instruction to learn those skills. This usually happens around the age of 10 to 12.With how to draw for kids encourage them to keep going get them into classes, explain that it takes time to develop their skills. It is all about trial and error, and lots of practice.

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