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Pencil Drawing – Use Shading in Your Pictures for Maximum Results

Whilst there are many important facets within the art world for artists to master, when pencil drawing, shading has definitely got to be a crucial skill to develop. Shading can make such a huge difference to any drawing; it can certainly make the subject stand out and affords the artist the opportunity to develop it more. There is a great deal that you can learn just by observing the environment around you but by following these five points, you will be able to start achieving maximum results.

* There is light and shade everywhere we look. If you have a computer for example, notice the shadow from your monitor on the wall. If you have a cup near you, notice the shadow that is cast from the handle. Look at the face of someone near you; notice if they have any shadows on their face, shadows caused by their hair? Alternatively, even under their chin?

* In order to bring your pencil drawing to life, shading has to be an integral part of your practice but in reality, your ability to be able to incorporate shading into every picture depends how good you understand how light works. As artists, we have to see the bigger picture, see how light and shade adds depth to our work.

* The technique of how to shade is of equal importance to being aware of light and dark is an important one to learn.

* The depth of your sensitivity when using the pencil is paramount as this can portray a much deeper, darker area when shading, or it can be too light. Shading does after all, range from blacks, dark and middle grey through to light. How much pressure you put through the pencil to shade in a specific area is very important.

* You also need to learn how to blend in your shading so that it looks like one stroke in contrast to many.

Of course the only way to become proficient at shading and blending is to practice. Take a thorough look around you and see other shading opportunities and after awhile, you will be extremely proficient in this important technique.

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