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Dreaming is not enough, we must act!

Dreaming is not enough, we must act!

Feedback from Emoke Pálffy

For many years painting was only my desire. I was unable to learn, practice due to career and family. A year ago I had the possibility to start my adventurous trip in the painting. I began to study, I completed an online course and I took classes from a private teacher for a few months as well. My first big success: two of my pictures were set in a Budapest exhibition.


I think the “contemporary old master” is Harry Anderson, His creations are full of life, beautiful lighting effects in his works. Authentic portrayal, full of emotion.

My favourite artist is Claude Monet, I really like the graceful brushwork and rich colors.

I would like to learn the great masters, what color blending techniques were used and how they reached that exact light airy but still be in the works.


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