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Eva Gouel and Picasso

Eva Gouel and Picasso (1912-1915)

Picasso and Eva Gouel

Eva Gouel

Fernande left Picasso in 1912, months after Picasso took an interest in Marcelle Humbert, known as EvaGouel (1885-1915).  Picasso was devastated by her early death due to tuberculosis or cancer in 1915.   Picasso professed his love to Eva by painting “I Love Eva” in some of his paintings.

I Love Eva-by-Picasso

I Love Eva by Picasso

Still, during Eva’s sickness Picasso managed a  relationship with Gaby Lespinasse.  (Picasso’s father died in May, 1913 at the time that Eva moved in with him.)

Eva Gouel and Picasso- web_art_academy

Eva Gouel and Picasso

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