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Exceptional opportunity: ODD NERDRUM’S PALETTE

Exceptional opportunity: ODD NERDRUM’S PALETTE

Odd Nerdrum uses a small (less than 12″ on the longest side) homemade oval shaped palette cut out from foamcore. It is tinted brown.


Odd Nerdrum's palette

COLORS on the palette:
(Old Holland brand)

-Titanium White w/ a tint of Old Holland Blue (which he pre-mixed into a tube)

-Briliant Yellow Light

-Yellow Brown

-Madder (Crimson) Lake Deep Extra

-Brown Ochre (Deep?)

-Green Umber?-Warm Grey (which he pre-mixed from Ti White/ Brown Ochre/ Green Umber)

-Mars Black (warmer and less harsh than Ivory Black)

-Scheveningen Orange? (I think that’s what he used. but I was surprised because I thought this color is fugitive)

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