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Fine Art Tips Competition

Share Your Tip about Fine Art and Win the Web Art Academy Course!

How it works:

Every three month, we award the full Web Art Academy membership to 3 (three) Competition Winners.

Winners are voted for by visitors and readers, who give their Facebook likes, Tweets, Google +1, Pins, and post comments on the participating entries in this Competition. Participants who collect the most votes (i.e. likes, tweets, pins, and comments) get the prize.

At the end of each competition cycle, we announce winners on this website and also send an email broadcast to all our subscribers.

Competition cycles are:

  • 1 March – 31 May
  • 1 June – 31 August
  • 1 September – 30 November
  • 1 December – 28 February

What to write about:

Give a good tip about traditional fine art techniques. It can be about oil painting, drawing, art materials, creative inspiration, etc. Your tip must have at least one illustration – it can be your artwork or any other picture or photo.

How to Win:

1. Read the Competition Rules and submit your illustrated fine art tip below on this page.

2. Your submission will be reviewed by the Web Art Academy Team and published online. You will get a notification email when it goes live.

3. Invite your friends to vote for you by liking, tweeting, G+1 and pinning your page. They can also comment on your page. Every social interaction counts as one vote. An author of the post with the most social engagement wins.

Important! Read these Submission Rules:

  1. Share a Fine Art Tip that is about traditional painting, drawing techniques, or art materials. It has to be relevant to the Web Art Academy Vision, Purpose and Mission.
  2. It must be 100% unique. Do not infringe upon anyone else’s copyrights.
  3. It must be written in good English, spell-checked and proofread. If you need an assistance with editing your post, get it from professional editors, for example here: www.upwork.com
  4. Your post must feature at least one picture.
  5. Your entry will be moderated by the Web Art Academy Team. Inadequate entries might be discarded without critique or explanation.
  6. You will be notified if and when your page goes live.

Publish Your Fine Art Tip here:

Please note:
• Image formats accepted - JPG, GIF, PNG;
• Minimum image width - 700 pixels;
• Minimum image height - 260 pixels;
• Maximum image height or width - up to 5,000 pixels;
• Maximum file size - up to 5MB;
If your image is bigger than required, you may resize it online: www.picresize.com

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