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I have a desire to create masterpieces

I have a desire to create masterpieces

Feedback from Matthew Phillips

I am an Illustrator by trade but have resorted to any odd job that can pay my bills. The number of things that I have done to support myself is mind boggling and humbling for what I have had to incur and I am still trying to break out with my art, I am currently a caregiver. I can adapt to practically any situation and do it well. I have inventions on the table and a desire to create masterpieces. I’m a published poet and artist. “The Purpose of Poetry, JFK’s Prologue, A Book of Poetry by Matthew Phillips” I have images that could provide me with a residual income, but had poor schooling and need proper direction. I am a very skilled draftsman.


I wanted to find out processes that the old Masters used and I have found that the Web Art Academy better than in my college training which cost me over $50,000, which I’m still trying to find the money to allow me pay it.

My favorite artists are DaVinci, Jan VanEyck and William Bouguereau.
I would have to say Rockwell is a “Contemporary Old Master” because he was a skilled draftsman and was able to complete works in a relatively short period of time because he obviously had a process.

I would like to find a process that is simple in order to complete works in a small time period and leave the guesswork behind.


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