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I would like to learn to paint and painting as part of my retirement

I would like to learn to paint and painting as part of my retirement

Feedback from Bob Rose

I am currently a Registered Nurse of 27 years and am currently doing consulting work with Long Term Care and Rehabilitation. I am 56 years old and have two sons and two grandchildren. I love animals and currently live on a small hobby farm of 7 acres.

I have always admired art of all mediums, but have spent most of my time trying to learn on my own the world of canvas work and drawing. I spend a large part of my time off from work viewing work of artist of various styles trying to pick up tips on composition, tones etc.

The challenge that I am most afflicted with is that I spend a lot of time trying for realism vs. taking the whole composition into perspective and realizing sometimes the simplest touches are the major touches. I also struggle with realizing that it is alright to take several days to weeks to finish a piece and work on something different to give my thoughts and views an opportunity to develop.


I would like to learn drawing and oil painting. Also learn more about the mediums that can be used in both venues With the learning of these two areas, I would eventually like to be able to paint portraits, focusing on the elderly population that I work with on a daily basis. I am coming up on my retirement and would like to learn to paint and painting as part of my retirement.

I would love the opportunity to win this course so that I could work at my own pace, but be able to have a professional to critique my work and offer suggestions to improve my work.

I feel that people should vote for me because I would not just win the Web Art Academy course but I would take every opportunity to learn and take every advantage of what the course has to offer.


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