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Lost and found

Lost and found

Feedback from Anna Solodovnikova

I’m from a small Russian town. I always had a passion for drawing but my parents prefer music lessons for me. So I’ve lost my way and just an year ago I found it. I felt so much energy inside that I couldn’t express because don’t know how.

I watched youtube art channels attended some drawing classes in my town but I still was afraid of a white piece of paper.

Than I found anatomymasterclass.com membership and that changed everything. I finally started to draw knowing what I draw. That was my first step on my way to portrait painting. I contunue learning everyday about constructive drawing and want to learn more about oil.
Finding my way to art helped me found myself.


My favorite artist is Rembrandt. He is the genius master of portraits. You can see real people with their stories behind his portraits. Only he could paint a rich merchant so modest and sympathetic. His The Conspiracy of Claudius Civilis exposed the true nature of revolution and people at the head of it. Real and terrifying.

My main challenge in art is not to stick on how to do painting (nowadays modern art mostly focus on new tricks and breaking laws of tradition in art). The most important thing is what you put in your art-piece. It must have some reason and not just entertain.

I'm interested in glazing technique but i'm not sure how to do it without spoiling my painting. And I want to know how they did this deep and amazing portraits.

My passion is portrait drawing. Especially I admire old masters techniques. Web Art Academy is the only place I could find where I can learn that. They share the knowledge i've been dreaming to get.

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