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Why draw when you want to paint?

Why draw when you want to paint?

Feedback from Sarah Alhas

While I liked painting when being younger, having to do it in school, under time pressure and with strict teachers that did not value creativity but only the ability to copy 100% or cut forms with a scissor, I re-started to approach painting after I moved out from my mother and had enough space at home.


Soon though I realized that my paintings were lacking basic things like a proper composition, perspective and they all appeared like children’s work, the colors standing out and not “matching”.

why-draw-when-you-want-to-paint-by-sarah-alhas artist

So I thought, how can I tackle this best and decided to take on an evening drawing class at my local community school. What should I say, it was the best I have ever done! The teacher was fantastic, explained different techniques and let us practice all sorts of textures, finally even plain air.

With this solid foundation I started taking courses in special painting techniques, like pastel, acrylic and finally oil. I think oil is one of the best among them, as it enables great color values, transitions and matches my personal style of realistic pictures. I even like the odor of the paint, so this is no knock-out criteria for me either. It is hard though to find good instruction around my area that is also matching my expectations and not focusing on impressionistic or abstract art.

Thus, the academy seems a perfect place for me to explore different techniques and will for sure guide me in developing my own style further.


My main challenge in art is finding the right color and using color values to support my painting composition

I am interested to learn how exactly a picture is built up and how I can ensure that colors show as I want them to show, even after some layers and drying.
I found anything I wanted and think you provide great material.


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  1. Bianca says:

    Dieser Kurs ist sicherlich nützlich, um zwei sehr herausfordernde Modelle (J+G)in ihren Besonderheiten zu malen. Viel Glück.

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