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My desire is to retire soon and paint full-time

My desire is to retire soon and paint full-time

Feedback from Rose Buhr

I’m 62 years young and have been painting seriously, well as seriously as I can with a full time job, for four years.


I have to really discipline myself to do my work as my art takes up every ounce of my thinking, planning, energy. I absolutely love it. I am completely right-brained so the fact that I ended up being an accountant is very strange to me. Now that I have started exercising my creative side I just can’t stop. My desire is to retire soon and paint full-time.


I paint portraits. I know it is one of the more difficult subject matters, but I’ve tried landscapes, wildlife, etc and I don’t have the same feeling about my work. In particular, I love painting a face that tells a story, of real people, doing real day to day activities. Sometimes their faces tell a completely different story. That’s what I want to capture. I am very blessed to be able to paint the works of a local photographer, Hermien Webb, with her permission. She keeps contact details of all her models, so my aim is to pass a commission on to them when a painting is sold.


So, my major challenge is perfecting the portrait and the human form.
I want to learn to become better and better every day at what I do. I would love to win the Web Art Academy course because I don’t have any formal art education and to do a course, be able to watch, listen, copy, practice and start all over again in my own time would be a dream come true.


I would like to think that people would vote for me after looking at what I’ve achieved so far and assisting me in increasing my knowledge and skill. I don’t attend classes because of my working hours so to be able to do an online Web Art Academy course in my own time would be the answer.

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  1. Username* says:

    You don’t have any formal training and look what talent you have, so just imagine the possibilities with tuition…can only be more amazing than it already is

  2. Janet says:

    Your work is amazing. Such talent self taught. Would love to see your paintings with knowledge that classes would teach you.

  3. Jacqueline Bekker says:

    Good luck Rose. You deserve to win. I can’t believe how fast you have improved. You only started a few years ago but are now doing some stunning work. I hope you get this because I know how dedicated you are! Best of luck??

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