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What it’s like to be a rich and popular artist :)

First of all, it doesn’t matter if you can paint. It helps a little bit, but the majority of fine artists making tons of money today are not representational painters! This means they draw geometric shapes or splashes of paint, using heavy brushstrokes and scratchy movements. Those artists who are painting recognizable things in their art, are usually using a simplified, stylistic (not realistic) cartoonish method, which is a million times easier than actually painting objects and people as they are. I’ll say it again; representation it out. What should I paint? What you want to do is develop a theme and a style. Use the same colors (and not a lot). Pick your 5 favorite colors. Muted and dull…

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The Best Tips to Frame an Oil Painting

Oil paintings framing can be really expensive if there are framed by professionals which can really add up to your cost of your purchase.  Professional framers have great experience in choosing the right frames that match the exact architectural piece and the framing process can be a time consuming task and not everyone would be willing to spend money on this task. However framing the oil painting is an important task but there is no requirement that you need to pour loads of money on this tedious task.  You can frame your art painting by yourself with a frame for a cost effective result that will give you satisfactorily results as well. This article will help you in crafting an…

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For Artists: Great Art on the Internet

When you think of looking at art, what do you think about? Visiting museums? Looking through huge dusty books at the library? Visiting a gallery? What about taking a stroll around the internet? The internet is a fabulous place to find new artists and to learn more about the different artistic movements you’ve been interested in. Thanks to the internet, many of today’s up and coming artists are able to showcase their work to millions of viewers and really make a name for themselves, all without the need for fervently hoping that a gallery representative takes an interest in them. There are quite a few places on the internet where you can view fantastic art. Here are a few you…

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About Oil Paintings and Acrylics

Painting as a profession is considered to be one of the most adorable professions. One of the most common questions which many people or the painters face is that what type of paint they should use.  The different options which are available are oil paintings, acrylics, water colors and pastels. Well this article will deal in handling one of the most unique problems as to what kind of paint should you use. And I am going to deal with this problem by making you aware with the benefits and disadvantages of each of the method of paints and this in turn will help you decide with which method you will have to go for. Acrylics: Some of the few benefits…

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