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The Women of Pablo Picasso: Fernande Olivier and Picasso

The Women of Pablo Picasso: Fernande Olivier and Picasso

Fernande Olivier and Picasso (1904-1912)

Picasso_ Woman with Fan-web-art-academy

Woman with Fan by Picasso (Fernande Olivier)

Artist model Fernande Olivier (1881-1966) was Picasso’s first long term relation and subject of many of Picasso’s Rose Period paintings (1905-07).   Picasso met her after settling in Paris in 1904.  Although Fernande was married, she stayed with Picasso for 7 years.

Picasso-and-Fernande Olivier

Fernande Olivier

Fernande modeled for other artists between 1900 and 1905 after which she moved in with “the Spanish artist”, Picasso, who then prevented her from modeling for others.  Fernande’s having published selections from the memoirs of her life with Picasso infuriated the artist but eventually, at age 70, Picasso paid the ailing and bedridden Fernande a small pension.  The full memoir was not published until 1988, “Loving Picasso”.

Picasso-and-Fernande Olivier

Fernande Olivier by Picasso

In early 2004 the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. had an exhibition of 60 portraits of Fernande that Picasso painted in a few months of 1909.

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