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Art helps me carry my basket safely through life

Art helps me carry my basket safely through life

Feedback from Tamara L Smithee-Smith

My mother says I have always drawn. She remembers me drawing detailed trees as a small child. All I know is I have always used art as a way to escape.

I am bipolar and was not diagnosed until I was 40 years old ..I was a police officer who worked the bombing and two awful tornadoes and was injured in the line of duty more than once. During the most awful times I drew.

I dropped my basket as we say in the South except I kicked mine and ran over it with a car.
I was placed for treatment and I drew my way back. I have retired and have over come my P.T.S. I once was on 18 medications now I only take three for the two back surgeries due to injuries on duty. I used art to get myself back. I am a firm believer that painting and drawing saved my life.

I loved my job but I saw so much that broke my heart. It was art that saved me and keeps me grounded. I have no formal training. I love working in pencil, pastels, and watercolor. I would love to be able to paint portraits in watercolor. I find the human face fascinating and challenging. I want be able to paint a human face as realistic as possible. I can’t do this yet, books and YouTube videos only get you so far. I have so much inside my mind that I want and need to paint. My lack of skills keep me trapped. I have so many memories of many people I want to put on canvas so I can let them go. I want the world to see what only a very few of us get a chance to experience. Its sometimes hellish and other times beautiful. I want and need the tools to do this. I believe your courses can give me the tools I need to finally show everyone what its like to see human nature at its worst and best.

I have two have problems my father is in and out of hospital and my mothers physical health is not good. I have become their helper. I don’t have time to get a job to pay for classes.The cost of theses courses I can’t afford. I hope you will help me be a better artist. I want everyone to see how expressing yourself through art can help you over come both mental and physical pain. I hope you will vote for me. I promise I will do wonderful things with these new skills.

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