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I would love to dedicate my life to art

I would love to dedicate my life to art

Feedback from Eric Busch

Art takes 2nd place to work, kids and wife.

I draw every Friday and Saturday evening into the early morning hours.

I’m always trying to learn new techniques through trial and error, things I read, looking at different works of art through different mediums and styles. I think most of my challenges come from time.

I would love to dedicate my life to art, but having small children and a wife and job responsibilities I can only dedicate so much time right now. I would like to learn to draw more realistically.


Although my style is a bit macabre, sometimes surrealistic and even expressionistic at times, I think some added techniques in realism would really push my art in many positives ways.
I would like to learn some techniques from the old masters as well. Most of the old masters created pieces that are timeless, and that’s sometime I’d love to be able to do better in my work.

Winning some free course work from the art academy would give me some key insights from current artists mastering their craft and help me see their process and techniques and how to apply them in my work.


I would hope others vote for me to win this free course because they understand the on going struggle of an aspiring artist like myself that really wants to push their work to new heights. Knowledge is like death and rebirth, and this is how I like to think growth as an artist is. You work so hard struggling to learn and keep doing better with each creation until you feel like you’ve died because you worked so hard. But with that death comes knowledge, a new you with things you’ve learned along that grueling yet beautiful journey.

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