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The Missing Puzzle Piece of my Soul

The Missing Puzzle Piece of my Soul

Feedback from Jeanett Flynn

Since retiring I have had two main focuses in my life – my family (especially my six wonderful grand children, plus a new little one on the way), and art.

Over the past few years my artistic tool of choice has been my camera. I have spent much time learning all I can to become a better photographer. I really love it, but I have also felt like something is seriously missing. There has been a piece of the creative puzzle of my soul that has been missing and makes me feel not quite whole. I yearn to fill that missing piece in. I yearn to feel whole again. The creative spirit in me is calling. It is saying “don’t give up”. I need to pursue art in a way beyond photography.


Many decades ago I was a good artist. I let that part of my life lapse though when I was busy with a career and raising children. Getting back to art, particularly oil painting, after so long away from it has been eye-opening to say the least! I suck! Like… I really suck at it! Haha. Despite that, I am determined. I love painting and I am determined to learn all that I can to bring back the joy of painting to my life and to encourage my grand children in art.

I want to win the Web Art Academy course to help get me back on track with art that will feed my soul. I hope people will vote for me knowing that this learning will help me to get back what I lost long ago, give me immense joy and happiness, and also knowing that a younger generation will be encouraged in pursuing art by me and in feeding their souls in ways that speak to them.


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